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Get your hands on the Devil Worship Sticker, a fun and cheeky addition to any sticker collection! This design was created in response to some online trolls claiming that queerness and sex-positivity is 'devil worship'. Show off your love for Miss Satan [this is a joke] with this unique and eye-catching sticker .


2.8"x4" die-cut vinyl water-resistant sticker, designed by an independent artist in Ottawa, Canada (that's me!) and printed by a fellow small business in Montreal. Beautiful and glossy, these stickers are water-proof and won't peel or flake whether they're on your water bottle, your laptop or your car bumper.


Some backstory:

Recently, the wonderful journalist, Rachel Gilmore, was photographed wearing my 'Be a Slut, Do Whatever You Want' tote bag and was posted online by a group of right-wing lowlifes. Amongst a ton of bullying and harrassment, she had some folks asking where she got her bag! Rachel graciously asked me if it would be okay if she shared my information to her followers, and of course I said yes.


Cut to lots of transphobic name-calling directed at me and my business, blah blah boring, lots of Slut Pride tote bag sales (thanks new friends!) and some hilarious attemps at insult that I decided to make into merch. Cut the Devil Worship design'. Thank you internet stranger for unintentionally helping me progress the slutty gay agenda. 


In case folks don't get the joke no I do not worship the devil I'm just gay and hot and I can't help it. 

Devil Worship Sticker


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